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Motor city
photo Medetation water color 2012-.jpg
photo a cry for humanity water colors and india ink on paper-..jpg
ilham 3 Article 3 human right exhibit.jpg
(Peace Exhibit at Holand).jpg
The Human Right Flag traveling exhibit March 31- 2012 the Netherland.jpg
5in scuputure of aby alho ceramicl.jpg
5x7in mixed media lanscape.jpg
8x10in acryllic memory 1.jpg
18x24 oil jouney to india.jpg
18x24in memory of Syria acryllic.jpg
24inx36in acryllic memory of a childhood.jpg
36x48in oil on canvas 1001 nights.jpg
64x48in acryllic on canvas beware of the wolf.jpg
84in by 48in acrylic energy of life.jpg
84x64in oil on canvas remains the war.jpg
86x66in jouney acryllic on canvas.jpg
art exhibit , ilham mahfouz 2004 001.jpg
ceramic sulpture sanctionary 18inx12inx6in.jpg
Collage 48in by 5in by 3in.jpg
composition 15 ink on paper.jpg
compostion 10 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
compostion 11 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
compostion 12 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
compostion4 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
compostion6 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
compostion7 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
compostion8 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
compostion9 ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
desert jug 8x3x1.5.jpg
echo of the wind .octagon Acrylic 24.jpg
energy of the sea mixed medai 18x24in.jpg
entrance to damascus 48x72in acryllic.jpg
Fear inkl on paper 5x7in.jpg
gate 3 36x48in oil on canvas.jpg
gate supture ceramic 8inx3in.jpg
habitat for humanity furturistic mixed media 9x7x5in.jpg
habitat for humanity3 mixed media 24x13x5in.jpg
he dance relief 3in ceramic.jpg
history of turntablisim 2.jpg
ink on paper 5x7 composition 1.jpg
ink on paper 5x7in compotion 13.jpg
ink on paper 5x7in portait drawing 2.jpg
ink on paper composition 14 5x7in.jpg
ink on paper compostion 5 5x7in.jpg
inner circle 36x48in oil.jpg
inproviseation 2 watercolor 15x19in.jpg
inproviseation 3 water color 15inx19in.jpg
iraq sanction sulptureal mixed media various size.jpg
jewel of africa 36x48in acryllic.jpg
jouney to freedom oil 48x84in.jpg
journey inside the whale acryllic 84x64in.jpg
journey of hope oil 64x48in.jpg
Lift the sanction mixed media 24in.jpg
meditation series mixed media 8x12 instalation.jpg
memories of beirut acryllic 36x48in.jpg
memory 2 hope acryllic 8x10in.jpg
memory of damascus oil on canvas 18x24.jpg
mixed media 51inx12in journey to the space 2.jpg
mixed media andriod 18x24in.jpg
mixed media habitat for humanity 2 20inx14inx5in.jpg
mixed media meditation 5inx6in.jpg
mixed media on wood 48inx12in gate 2.jpg
mixedmedia 18x24in memory 3.jpg
music of the sea B8in by 48in T16in.jpg
no more war 2 mixed media 18inx3in.jpg
no more war mixed media 24inx3in.jpg
ogarate 5x7 watercolor.jpg
oil 1001 nights 3 18x24.jpg
oil story from 1001 nights 18x24in.jpg
piece in thirteen launguages 153inx23in mixed media.jpg
relief sucputure mixed media withceramic bondage 13x7x3in.jpg
rhythem of life 1.jpg
rhythem of life 2.jpg
rhythem of life 3.jpg
rhythem of life 4.jpg
ruins of palmayra.jpg
Sea of love 12x6.jpg
self portait 1 9x12in acryllic.jpg
self portait picture Ilham.jpg
space journey 36x48in acryllic.jpg
stalgmites raku bowl 12inx6in.jpg
sumi ink on paper the black moon 12x6.jpg
sumi ink on paper woman walking 5x7in.jpg
the dance ink on paper 5x7in.jpg
the gate 4 oil on canvas 34x48in.jpg
the sail mixed media 18x24.jpg
the traveller 18inx12inx3in sculture in clay.jpg
watercolor inprovisation 36inx38in.jpg
Website and Book pics of Ilhams Art 005.jpg
Website and Book pics of Ilhams Art 012.jpg
photo Even the dead screams ( stop Killing ).jpg
photo Even the dead screams ( stop Killing ).jpg
(hope) for cancer treatment center for teenagers in England.jpg
photo winter of life.jpg
photo spring Breez.jpg
photo stop the killing 2 Mixed Media.jpg
photo Stop the Killing Mixed Media 1.jpg